Life is good & wants
to treat you well

Hey Beautiful.

You are here because, despite trying a myriad of self-help approaches, something is not quite right – a piece is missing, life continues to unravel, or the process feels unfinished. Perhaps you know what step you need to take, you are connected to your heart, yet you struggle to summon the courage and strength to move forward because of the resistance you face. Maybe you are successful, and you should be satisfied, but your mind, body or soul is asking for more. You are unfulfilled, perhaps a bit misaligned. There is one more adjustment to make.


Take a moment and imagine a life brimming with direction, creativity, love, protection, rest, freedom, pleasure, alignment, and self-expression. Launch your mind, body, and soul into that known or unknown space. Are you turning down the volume of the distractions around you? What is holding you back? Can you feel the magic inside of you, waiting to be unleashed? Connect to that for just one moment and breathe life into it. Learn more about my Beautiful Soul Sessions.


Hello, I am Andrea. I am a mother, a teacher, an employee, a friend, a therapist, and a healer. I am cisgender, middle-aged, and a human with brown skin. I am a wise woman, an oracle, a warrioress and a priestess. I have raised a son, lost and found a daughter, and negotiated divorce. I am broken and healed, human and divine, grounded, and ascending. I have taken my life experiences, fully examined them, understood their meaning, and know that they were the energy I needed to propel me here. And here I sit, waiting for you to find me, willing to help you uncover what you need to know right now. It is my greatest hope that you do your most profound work in the hallowed space that we create.

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