Andrea M. Mosley

M. Psych, Mental Wealth Strategist

My birth into the physical world was welcomed by a mother and father that loved me and accepted the responsibility of raising me. I was held in that triune of love until I was a toddler, and my father left the physical world. My mother always stood beside me – steadfast, loving & material. My father stands, in spirit and in me. I have been guided and adored by both, equally.

My daughter was birthed into the physical world before I was ready to assume the role of a parent. I was her portal into the human realm and knew her parents were waiting for her. I walked with her in spirit, as my father walked with me. She was raised in a loving home, with nurturing parents, and surrounded by a host of spirit guides and warriors and is now a wife, mother, cultivator of earth, and lover of laughter. She is my friend.

My son, the fiery one, was birthed into the physical world at a time I was ready to assume the parent role. I walked beside him – I was his guide, his protector, his biggest fan. He had everything inside of him to forge his way through this mortal jungle. He is freedom and light and walks his destiny with assuredness.

My 19-year marriage brought confusion, shame, abuse, and hardship. I questioned everything I knew about myself and, perhaps, I even became less Andrea, more his expectation. I plugged into the outlet of self-doubt, fear, hostility, heartbreak, bondage, ownership, and neglect. I was miserable and broken. My life-force, depleted.

Why do I tell these stories?

I stand in my future, looking back at what many would call traumatic events. My father died when I was a toddler, I was a pregnant teen, I gave my daughter up for adoption, I was a single parent, I was an abused and neglected spouse. I sacrificed my body and mind for years, attempting to force it to be quiet, to allow me to live like everyone else, to check the boxes of adulthood and “normalcy”. To be accepted and to be loved. I stepped away from myself, ingested the values of humanity, purgatory, and chose suffering – separation from the highest good and most supreme love.   Ten years ago, I waged war on that version of myself. I embarked on an educational and professional journey that would allow me to nurture others and help them attain their highest worth and highest value, a higher dimension of service. And here I sit, in a welcoming space, ready to introduce you to your sovereign, powerful self. When you lean into your knowing and cultivate your relationship with Source, there is no question about the decisions that you need to make. You march forward.