Andrea getting an acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture for the Win✨

A part of mental wellness is staying healthy. I eat well, stay hydrated and rest well. This weekend was a busy one and I was on “team no sleep”. My immune system took the hit, causing me to wake up feeling slightly warm, with one red eye, and my voice going in and out.

I started going through the people on my health team and it was a toss up between my iridologist or my acupuncturist. The pressure was becoming unbearable. I am also not a big fan of blowing my nose. After checking in with myself, I decided to visit my acupuncturist.

Kathy Tang is a 4th generation acupuncturist. She not only treats the area of concern, she also balances your whole body. I told Kathy, I knew I was getting worse because my body temperature was rising but my hands and feet were cold. My body was definitely fighting an infection.

I had needles in my head, face, hands and feet to balance and treat my symptoms. I had too much fire 
🔥 in my heart. Because I am a psychotherapist I knew exactly why the heat was there.  Kathy put a heat lamp on my feet, turned off the lights and put on ocean waves for my healing nap. 

I definitely felt better after 1 treatment but I may need to come back in a couple of days. Acupuncture generally requires a minimum of 2 treatments for relief.

Andrea smiling after acupuncture treatment

Mental health is about your psychological, emotional and social well-being. Talk therapy is one aspect to improving my health. I have a team at my disposal to ensure that I stay mentally well. Healing takes place on multiple levels✨

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